Project Team

Left: Anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist at a Tea Party Express rally by Fibonacci Blue CC-BY

The TRUTH team consists of:

Sebastian Groes (Wolverhampton): project lead, Professor of English Literature:

Antal van den Bosch (Meertens Institute, Netherlands): project lead, Professor of Language and Speech Technology

Mike Thelwall (Wolverhampton): Professor of Data Science

Denise Doyle (Wolverhampton): Reader in Digital Media

Debbie Orpin (Wolverhampton): Lecturer in Linguistics

Tom Mercer (Wolverhampton): Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Jan-Willem van Prooijen (Free University, Amsterdam): Associate Professor in Psychology, expert in conspiracy theories

Jan-Willem van Prooijen

Theo Meder (Meertens Institute, Netherlands): Professor of Disinformation

Olivia White (Wolverhampton): TRUTH Project Coordinator